( 4 pos in progress , hold fast mentality) week18 EURNZD wr4b done via a bearish expansion day


really interested in this wr4b which has been a while of consolidation already

week18 EURNZD Wr4B 010514

waiting for a LTF retracement

updated 040514

positions have been initiated and started moving after NFP.
price currently @ 13Tl pending break and was contemplating should TP or not to grab some profit.

week19 EURNZD h4 entry price 040514


However this line chart gave me the conviction that price has found resistance and probability lies with the bears.

I must also believe in the ‘regret’ power of WR4B which is of considerable size and likely to continue to move south.
In fact, this looks like a classic bear flag which points to furthur down move.

week19 EURNZD w1 line chart showing resistance 040514

Any retracement, look for good bearish price action to go short.

Short! Short! Short!

A trade checklist

A score of 12. Hold fast, but a smaller 1234 if there is will up the points
week19 EURNZD A trade checklist 040514


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