( waiting to rd2 short @ week19 ) ( $1 x 2 pos @ week18) week17 WTi A new beginning after week 16 fracas

Naked Chartist

Recording down the analysis which was done during 4M.


felt that this was strong recognition of the price action reacting to levels.
I feel that the past few months I have significantly improved on

1) identification of key levels prior to price reaching them
2) Determining market bias based on how price reacts to them

week17 WTI h4 boxed in 220414


Completion of this 1234 will signify a good chance that this double top will continue.

week17 WTI D1 potential 1234 220414


Entry @ 4pm . Smaller position as I have entered at 13TL and also not h4 close.

week17 WTI h1 13TL trade entry 250414

updated 020514

My reflections: made a good decision to short on h4 shooting star
after surviving the spike. My SL was well placed.
TP could be better considering previous week was h4 bearish expansion
Nevertheless another potential setup coming to short at confluence

week18 wti trade outcome +1 dollar x 2 pos 020514

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