( 59 cents x 1 pos satisfying trade ) week19 WTI h1 1234 monitoring for solid price action to trade

Did ok after an initial fracas in week17.


After price tumbled in week18, price seemed to come to a halt.


A line chart support can be found that price need a d1 close to continue. Otherwise, it may be better to short from higher grounds.

If I were to be more advanced, I could actually even see a long oppoturnity right at start of week, but I will need even nimbler setups.

week19 WTI big picture levels 040514


At lower timeframe I can see that a multi day 1234 is staging. Resistance can be found from a recent 3 day low at near fib5/6 so this looks like a steady and typical WTT 1234.
Should a good price action comes n WR will look to trade it but my wary will always be on 98.96.

Once trade is in and hits 98.96 i need to shift BE quickly.

week19 WTI h1 potential wtt 1234 with w1 support below

updated 060514

trade came and exited as within 2 hours. Was very satisfied with this trade as it was an orthodox play on multi day 1234 but the TP level which I identified was reached.
Trade done. Objectives met.

Doing quite a few trades like this recently. In the market for a short time, playing off nice entry and identifying reasonable TP levels and getting away with some pips, not aiming for the huge pips reward like last time and affecting mental health.

week19 WTI h1 trade outcome  +59cents 060514


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