( 1 pos in progress) week19 holding into week20 AUDSGD wr4B A trade

Very strong conviction in AUD strength,

so upon the confirmation of AUD strength after thurs AUD news,

i started looking at various AUD crosses.

AUDSGD caught my eye. I was in rage mode so on quick analysis hit this after seeing the WRMB that I am used to. however, I had not officially done up an A trade analysis checklist officially.

week19 AUDSGD h4 wr4b pending 1 stone kill 2 bird 13TL 080514

week20 AUDSGD wr4B with smaller 1234 100514

line chart version paints more conviction as there was an ihs that has already been completed and now price has expanded and doing a neckline retest with 1234 shown.

week20 audsgd h4 line chart 1234 2 day support 100514

A trade checklist

week19 AUDSGD  A trade checklist 100514

Not very high scoring, but line chart analysis is proving otherwise and seems to have a strong chance of moving up.


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