( +35 , +80 , etc + multiple position tp, + 3 BE , holding positions) week19 EURAUD potential A trade neckline retest play of head and shoulders

Naked Chartist

This is the trade which I have been waiting for a very long time.
Prior to this I have already vowed to hit as big as I can for this trade.
This will be a very good opportunity to up my game and move up to the next level

Prior to this I have already been following closely EURAUD for many months and have begun to develop a very good sense of price for this pair.
I feel that it is a very technical pair, playing out most chart pattern and seems to work well with very key levels and the usage of boxes.


This is the current setup that i am monitoring: a technical analysis classic of testing the head and shoulders neckline.

week19 EURAUD D1 head and shoulders retest big picture 030514


ON h1 I have already initiated 2 early feeler shorts to help to tank subsequent positions that I will be progressively entering, at theā€¦

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