week21 potential 1234 week20 GBPUSD D1 potential CTTwr3b , wr2d1, wr2w1b , 13TL looking dangerous potential A trade


week20 GBPUSD w1 shooting star mean reversion 110514


week20 GBPUSD potential wr3b wr2d1b   100514

Price is currently at support but looking very dangerous with past few days having bearish momentum.


4 day bull trap done. Let’s see if right shoulder can have a bearish Price action. Should price really crash this neckline, then price may move furiously, although it is considered a CTT

week20 GBPUSD 4 day bull trap alrdy done potential right shoulder or wr3b 110514

Can see that price is moving up steadily in ED channel but right now should a WR happen, it will be a power flush of many levels.
wr3b , wr2d1b , wr2w1b and 13TL.

Will also then look into GBPAUD for a swap +ve short.

A trade checklist

7 points so far. KIV.

week20 GBPUSD A trade checklist 110514

updated 130514 1849 HRS

Once again the tx zig-zag pattern has appeared in conjunction with a hns pattern.
The Wr3B setup is about to be completed with selling pressure manifested in the head and shoulders.
I will look to transfer GBP weakness to GBPAUD n GBPCAD.

week20 GBPUSD h4 tx zig zag pattern for hns 130514

updated 180514

Have removed a sell limit due to fear. But i believe price is still respecting the wr3b structure, and price remains fallen out of the ED channel. Still looking for a short, but will be looking at GBPCAD instead.

week21 GBPUSD sell limit removed on friday 180514


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