week20 Price observation of USDSGD on how harmonics cypher can be understood in the context of weak 1234s

was sleeping .Woke up from my dreams, had some images of the cypher pattern and sudden revelations.


week20 USDSGD harmonics cypher 120514


Previously I could not understand the significance of some harmonic patterns but have some perspectives that may fit the puzzle, still figuring certain details out.

Hypothesis: Cypher pattern could mean the failure or retest of a 1234 pattern. It can mean:

1) This is a b3s4 setup for a larger 1234 , like @ ED channel pt3.
2) It provides an opportunity for a pt2 retest, so the harmonic pattern itself may not travel fully.

week20 USDSGD cyphers explained in 1234 context 120514

in this usdsgd context, it happen to seem that this cypher confluences with the bb of a larger 1234.


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