( +20 , +20 , +32) week20 USDCAD Uterus chart pattern inverted head and shoulders


On thursday A strong bullish day engulfed a previous bearish day. This set up the conditions for a ‘Uterus shaped’ chart pattern.

So far I have come across a few of these similar patterns. Past experience shows that this pattern has ability to move but it will not travel much and after a while this pattern will be failed. Shall see. keeping TP tight and monitoring.

week20 USDCAD h1 Uterus ihs 130514

updated 170514

+20 , +20 , +32

I have Taken profit once i saw i was itm. I managed to add a third pos on the ‘right shoulder’. It was good to have TP-ed as eventually price did move as per analysis.

This was a good trade in terms of theory experimentation. Uterus chart pattern has now officially been documented and I shall be on the lookout for future similar patterns.

week20 USDCAD h1 uterus chart pattern trade outcome +20, +20 , +35 170514


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