( +50 , +55 A trade success) week18 NZDCAD A trade wr4b via power bullish kicker 1234 within 1234

Naked Chartist

Getting excited over power move and close after Wednesday night FOMC


Big picture shows how price have reacted to w1 level. 9365 is indeed the price level that price has rebounded from.

week18 NZDCAD mn big picture support level 010514


On h4 a wr4b is completed from this bounce. However this bounce has significance. A bearish expansion day was undone by a bullish expansion engulfing day. it has strongly validated this support level and WR was done in style via a bullish kicker.


Daily candlestick bullish kicker

week18 NZDCAD D1 wr3b bullish expansion 010514

week18 NZDCAD h4 1234 within 1234 010514

h1 trade plan

Seeing that this A trade , i have immediately hit a position in the middle of nowhere. I do not want to lose out on a potential upmove and left me behind when I am not in yet.

However, the bulk of my positions are buy limit at the wr3b box low.

I am willing to lose up to 70 pips but I have already…

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