( +25) week20 EURAUD m15 smallish 1234 with Double Top testing April low

m15 200 SMA

I have chosen this m15 200SMA chart as the big picture as price has been so bearish

week20 EURAUD m14 200 simple MA as guide to strong downtrend 150514

m15 1234

week20 EURAUD m15 1234 with smallish DT 150514

Support to overcome

However this tuesday low support has to be broken before price can continue to move.

week20 EURAUD m15 1234 continuation 150514

updated 180514

Trade setup was good. From this trade, I believed that I had applied all the good aspects of a setup to a lower TF pattern and used it in the correct context . i.e strong trend continuation, so I can move into m15 on the kill. I had also intelligently used the 200SMA onto m15 as a gauge of trend. TP identified was almost to the exact. The exit could be better as i did not held on though.

week20 EURAUD m15 1234 with all +ve criteria trade outcome +25 180514


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