week25 A trade Alert! 15 points! Pattern evolves to potential HNS WR3B retest week22 CADSGD at v key level. Big move or WRMB?


The one and only key level that determines a trade.

week22 CADSGD w1 key resistance 290514


price is now above the 3 months low. I will assume resistance hv turned support.

1) Looks like accumulation pattern of sort for reversal

2) price already closed above w1 level.

week22 CADSGD D1 closes above 3 months high w1 290514


looking for a definite signal. On h1 there is a 1234.

For long WTT, I will be looking for a hammer.

For short CTT, a strong bear flush of wr3b will be required.

A long will be swap +ve

week22 CADSGD h4 BM or WRMB 290514

edited 150614

Price have since done a Wr3B which I have missed out on due to doubts but now has retraced to a level for potential right shoulder WR3B WTT trade.

This is also a h1 channel forming up, with 200SMA approaching the top. confluences of resistance suggest that this HNS should be working out.

week25 CADSGD Wr3B wtt retest hns 150614

Pattern within Pattern

HnS within a d1 1234 retest

week25 CADSGD D1 Wr3D1B retest 150614

A trade criteria

Definitely an A trade, with 15 points atm and 2-3 more points if certain criteria can be fulfilled. I must look to hit hard for this trade, and positions will be batched in at different level. This type of risk to take is good risk.

week25 CADSGD A trade checklist 150614


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