( multi pos in progress) week23 GBPNZD D1 1234 with strong resistance confluence A trade


I first saw this on monday and subsequently the rest of the week my bias was turned to gbp bears and nzd bulls. I probably missed out on the now, as price did not turn bear until on wed.
I probably had no winning positions until wednesday when things started to turn.

week23 GBPNZD D1 Wr2D1B 030614


I had started to phase in positions but really small ones
week23 GBPNZD h1 Ed channel 060514


On friday , 5pm h4 closed like this: I started phasing in positions. But overall, I could have done a better job. Over the weeks, I hv developed some ideas on catching the extremes. Looking to run out these theories and hope to apply them in the best manner soon.

week23 GBPNZD H4 wr2b on h4 close 060614

A trade criteria

Some things are still missing. A bearish day expansion is much needed which will confirmed the change in h1 momentum. On friday close it was a sort of hammer which bounced off a support which i hv pre-identified. On one hand it was kind of gd to know where the levels are but on the other, will hv to think abt why in my haste i had entered a small short position right at support. Although overall trend is down, but hving the luxury of ft timing I need to be better at getting good positions into the trend. I hv pretty good levels and ways to foresee pivots but it is still the execution that is letting me down from even better success.

week23 GBPNZD A trade 070614


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