week26 is NZD X going to hv a countertrend? mean reversion

NZD announced rate hike in week 24.

NZD should be bullish. However I seem to have detected a possible weakening of NZD.

After using the triggerpoint system, it was possible that I could be trading a particular currency and its crosses in turns.

NZDCAD fell on friday.

Earlier, on Thursday night, I made a decision to trade big on NZDCAD. However I had omitted a decision to use a 1234 to get in.
On friday , i decided to cut my longs and went short as i saw a setup with 5 criteria met.

My bad long which was on done a bad decision. exited on a good decision

week25 NZDCAD h1 cut loss early 210614

MY short flip
week25 NZDCAD h1 leontey trade completed 210614


shows a similar channel setting up.

week26 NZDJPY h1 leontey 210614

week26 NZDUSD h1 channel 210614


shows a channel, poised for correction.

week25 AUDNZD h1 leontey detecting countertrend with triggerpoint 200614


shows a consolidation which may be unconducive for furuthr downmove.

this chart shows a channel forming with serious macd divergence.
also happen to be near d1 tx BB

week26 EURNZD h1 correction seems overdue 210614

w1 Flying buddha shows mean reversion imminent.

week26 EURNZD w1 flying buddha mean reversion 220614


A confluence of charts suggests NZD is due for a correction. I have profited from NZDCAD already.


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