week27: utilizing the new A trade checklist. is footsie the next A trade?

Footsie is on a downtrend for the past 3 weeks, but are things going to be turning?


2 day hammer which is also a flying buddha is seen. At the very least, mean reversion will help push the price up for a bit.

week27 Footsie D1 flying buddha 290614

D1 trend continuation

Stochs show oversold and Hidden divergence suggests trend continuation. Buying here will be considered as buying at the “preceived” low.

week27 Footsie oversold stochs  hidden divergence 290614


triggerpoint system triggered position. In theory trade has been triggered and h1 momentum in line with big picture ” true” direction.

week26 footsie h1 loentey 270614

A trade criteria


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