( 1 pos in progress) week27 DJ EURO 50 case study on A trade WRMB


It is good to know that after months of documentation, my thoughts have evolved and i am seeing some good changes to my criteria for A trade. While most of the big picture analysis that I have seen are accurate and logical, in reality it may take a toil on my trading, as i had tried to trade the direction of the big picture while not always in line with the “now” momentum.

in other words, correct direction, wrong timing. It may not always be eventually profitable, as I had to endure paper loss and therefore, taking a toll on the psychology. Sometimes I need to cut and give up on the trade, affecting overall profitability.

So why was I not able to align momentum with true direction?
Part of the reason was because 1234 on the smaller TF was always difficult to grasp.
It is not always easy to see “THE” one and get it correct on that one small setup which will eventually be the start of a big movement.
The solution can be a smaller position to withstand larger SL so i will be right eventually, but my intentions to develop my trading style is not meant to be this way.
Ultimately, I am still looking for a cleaner style but getting the “now” momentum has not always been straightforward.

I have now integrated the triggerpoint channel into Boxes setup and getting in line with the big picture to be considered as A trade.

Dj EURO will be a good case study.

D1 ” true direction”

week27 DJ EURO50 d1 osma hidden divergence stocs 040714

h1 moveability

with a smaller setup, there is a higher chance of faster movement for price to get away from the initial EP, so as to relieve some stress.
However, it is best when combined with a WRMB which has been the most effective box setup for me.

week27 DJ EURO h1 leontey 040714

d1 flying Buddha to determine nature of mean reversion

week27 Dj euro d1 flying buddha 040714

Checking for A trade criteria

12/20. From where I traded off, I also noticed a d1 hammer which was a flying buddha as well. The mean exhaustion to kick off a trend resumption was also a useful phenonmenon which I had been studying for the past few months. Depending on situation, I could either use it to trade as countertrend for a part of retracement leg, or I can it as a propellor to rejoin the big picture trend.

week27 Dj euro A trade 040714


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