( +26) week 29 AUDCAD m15 modified triggerpoint , missed NZDCAD n GBPCAD trade.


So far, good results with m15 triggerpoint play. The additional inputs are my individual SAR of my own, which i have come to trust and build my TP n SL based on them.

So what triggerpoint setup is to provide the hints of momentum exhaustion. Note that i use the term ‘momentum exhaustion’ instead of trend exhaustion, as trend do not end so easily. My trend is defined in tflow terms of d1, so as long as I kmow roughly what phase price is in, I shld be able to handle momentum trades.

So I spotted this audcad trade last night, but some homework has to be done to spot the macd divergence in m15 setting.

week29 AUDCAD m15 leontey modified trade outcome + 26 150714

However, here are some setups which I have missed. It only suggests that while these setup give an immediate price movement, I need to be equally conscientious and hardworking to monitor the build-up of any possible price/macd divergence.


So I dun really care what was the previous day momentum, but rather i look into momentum exhaustion in the ” NOW” , to herald a new wave of momentum. It could be counter-counter trend, but it does not matter, as long as I have identified my SAR and channel break confluences with price macd divergence. Smaller setup yield faster movement but also smaller TP, so I will need to be satisfied with smaller TP

week29 NZDCAD m15 leontey missed trade 150714


so this play of that hours was on CAD strengthening. Those who were nimble enough would be able to caught it. My paradigm has shifted over the past month. To get the “NOW” pips is abt catching the momentum. What the trend is, is not a priority when the momentum is happening. But it is good to know which phase of the price we are at, and ultimately, what the market is trying to do. It will nvr be 100% correct at knowing what the market is doing, but a rough idea will be great.

week29 gbpcad m15 modified leontey missed trade 150714


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