week29 review on ( -90) GBPNZD and (-40) NZDUSD premature cut

5 criteria triggerpoint Buy Low Sell High method is an excellent that could be the gamechanger for my current trading method.
However, the recommended timeframe has been h1 and in recent weeks I have been tinkering with a finetuning on m15 channel.

In several trades this had worked out to be fine but this weeks’s trade on GBPNZD and NZDUSD
had identified some conceptual pitfall in this finetuning strategy.

week29 GBPNZD h1 poor trade -80 x 2 170714

week29 GBPNZD m15 my mistake 170714


So this was the pitfall that I will be facing nowadays when deciding to finetune in m15.

week29 GBPNZD m15 too early 190714


the trade that looks silly on hindsight. Trade what I see , not trade how I want it to be seen.

week29 NZDUSD m15 my mistake 190714


finetuning can be an excellent way to mitigate risk in a trade.
For finetuning to succeed in my unique case, this is what I need to do:

1. h1 channel must be apparent first.
2. only then can m15 channel be considered.
3. for h4 channel, i,e h1 channel with more than 10-15 days,
a h1 channel finetuning is a MUST.


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