week31 GBPUSD potential A trade? only FOMC n NFP can show the way ( edited : this is what I do not want to do in 2015)

D1 ” true direction”

clearly this chart is trending, for almost 11 months. Right now price showing D1 hidden divergence and stochastics is at oversold level. It is also right at bottom of ED channel.

week31 GBPUSD D1 stocs hidden divergence 300714

h1 ” moveability”

awaiting 5 criteria to be setup. Clearly, market at a crossroad and needs to be decided by FOMC n NFP. Can see that setup is still very young and seems like at this point of time setup looks not to be propelled, but completed via news.

week31 GBPUSD h1 awaiting 5 criteria 300714

edited 061214

This is exactly what I do not want to do from now onwards!!
2015 will be a year when I look to trade the now and the obvious.

While not sure of the h4 direction at that point of time , July 30th , looking at h1 timeframe will say that momentum is down and the immediate profit should come from down instead of up.

What was logical, was probably not to short at that moment, since macd was red and d1 line chart was at Support.

The ideal line of thought will be ” not going for long, but will wait for support to be broken for short”

July 2014 GBPUSD evolving from picking top n bottoms 061214


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