( +110) week31 GBPNZD D1 potential A trade channel within channel


On d1, the big picture is as such: close to top of ED channel but not the top.

week31 GBPNZD D1 ed channel 010814


5 criteria all met.

week31 GBPNZD h1 leontey 310714


My first foray into sonicr system. Technically there is no real input from sonicr understanding, as I am just curve fitting what I see in triggerpoint to fit it into a sonicr setup.

week31 GBPNZD m15 sonicr classic setup 010814

Summary A trade?

Price could be on the cusp of an A trade, as this h1 triggerpoint setup is very near to a top of a d1 price pattern. Price could be currently on possibly a WR of pt2, and hence pave the way of a bigger move down.

edited 030814

1st position TP at h4 channel as powered by NFP volatility.

week31 GBPNZD sonicr h4 010814

Next play will be to continue to look for shorting oppoturnities, with tank from a previous smaller position.

Overall this trade has been more of a watershed trade in the sense that triggerpoint setup has given me the confidence on a smaller TF entry point and hence I was able to trade a bigger pos size to play for a potential larger reward.


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