( 1 pos in progress) week32 EURAUD shorted on triggerpoint 5 criteria with 5 way confluence

After the loss on NZDUSD, felt quite disappointed and have self doubt. However, this is part n parcel of training. Pick myself up, and go again.


Presented is a 5 criteria met setup, with a 5-way confluence. I should not be doubting this setup, as I hv followed my trading rules.

Will be monitoring  from here:






First saw this on monday, but decided not to act because of cash rate.

week32 EURAUD h1 leontey 050814




Already had intentions to entry ans sonicr template happened to show confluence . Note that veto trigger stil rely on the regularly used boxes n triggerpoint system.


week32 EURAUD m15 sonicr entry 050814



5-way confluence suggested and I hv set a tighter SL  should AUD fail. However I do see daily lower high and I will be trading on the belief of the triggerpoint system and the completion of the h1 hns distributive chart pattern.

week32 EURAUD h1 leontey 060814


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