week32 AUD news trading AFI

Had some AUD based trades before heavy AUD and it did not turn out the way it was.

This is the summary of my actions pre-post news.
I find that the crux for my personal trading to be successful is that I need to lock in profits consistently to minimize prevent losses, as any winning positions that was not concluded will turn into a losing one.

week32 Summary of AUD news 070814

GBPAUD pre news chart

this is what i meant when not tp-ing will result in a loss, Luckily i decided to close this trade, As a precatuion.
One take away from this week of trading will be how accurate and helpful my ed channels hv been for my trading. Most of the time it has helped in Tp, or to escape catastrophe by assisting in shaping the correct bias based on their angle of slant.

week32 GBPAUD pre news mistake 070814

EURAUD contemplation

contemplated but did not do it. At least I had entertained thoughts of it, whereas in the past, I would have stuck rooted.

week32 EURAUD h1 news aftermath 070814


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