week33 GBPSGD documentation of mean reversion setup ( how macd divergence saved me from wrong bias pre-carney)


d1 shows several line chart support.
At the start of the day, it should also be showing a possible opportunity for mean reversion, for price to snap back since in Asian session price first plunged towards support.

week33 GBPSGD d1 mean reversion and line chart support 120814


On h1, triggerpoint MCAD divergence suggests a possible upmove. But shld buy limit be used with flying buddha, it will allow an even earlier entry to long at low, and with confidence.

Hence by setting a buy limit , i am infact doing a long on black, which is in accordance with the philosophy of buy low sell high.

Should price really complete this double bottom/ batman chart pattern, then I can look to build later positions or choose to ride comfortably. I may also choose to TP; the options are open , but most important I am risk free by then, whereas, 1-2 years ago i would have just started to look for an entry.

Downside is I will have to find a level to define my hard SL.
week33 GBPSGD h1 LOBSOW mean reversion 120814


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