(1 pos , 1b.e tank 1 pos SL @ week34 ) week33 USDCNH Renminbi position play A trade

It was a big wow on hindsight, that a double top was missed at fib6


year on year, this chart is a down.

week32 usdcny monthly oanda 030814


After a 2 month double top at fib6, price was followed by being capsuled within a 5 week down channel.

h1 triggerpoint version

macd divergence , 5 criteria.

week33 USDCNH h1 leontey 130814

h1 tflow version

1234 here, i cannot miss it.

week33 USDCNH h1 hns 140814

this trade is about trend continuation and all signals are showing up strongly.

I have no reason not to take it.
I classify this as A trade: clear trend , SL well defined, stable momentum.

edited 230814
Final outcome was all positions exited at B.E.
Attempted to do position trading for this, but unfortunately this could not last.

On thursday, added a smaller position on retracement.

Note that there was no macd divergence but have chosen to add on a smaller position. At the end of the day position sizing management was the one that saved me from losing on this trade.
I could have won more with an added position, so there was additional risk taken when I added on the second time.

week34 USDCNH h1 1234 200814

position sizing and trade management
Maybe price analysis did not do so well, but in terms of position n trade management, did well. to prevent a winning trade to turn into losing trade.

Also, this case study added evidence n steel to the concept of using macd divergence when looking for 1234 to trade on. I will look forward to the future when i will be using divergence filtered 1234 for quick moving pips.

week34 USDCNH h1 trade outcome position size trade management 230814


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