week33 review : Renaissance of good h1 1234s. What are the ingredients?

What is a 1234?

What is a good macd divergence channel?

In the past, I struggled with finding 1234, and looking to trade them. It is not difficult to spot 1234, the problem lies in finding , and having conviction in patterns that gives

1. explosive movement with

2.excellent RRR. ( 1 : >3 )

3. with high accuracy

This week, I see the light and have some revelations on what could be future solutions to my past issues, and with this, bring me into the next level.

case study 1: GBPSGD H4T

week33 GBPSGD h1 leontey divergence changed 130814

Small but powerful divergence. There is not even enough time for entry.

case study 2: AUDNZD ranging

week33 AUDNZD h1 leontey 140814 week33 AUDNZD h1 powerful 1234 macd divergence 170814

The pre and the post. seeing 1234 with triggerpoint setup is unique to me and gives me the edge to come back and tackle 1234 with confidence. More importantly, I am able to mix it up well with flying buddhas to give me that edge which i have sorely been needed:

either quick moving, or entry at the toppest or most bottom.

case study 3: WTI H4T

week33 WTI h1 1234 with powerful macd divergence 170814

Another h1 with small macd divergence. This combi is indeed powerful. This is H4T as well.

Case study 4: USDCNH H4T

a trade which I could not get a retracement entry and shorted on triggerpoint breakout method

week33 USDCNH h1 1234 with powerful macd 170814

case study 5 : GBPUSD H4T

week33 GBPUSD h1 leontey big picture 130814week33 GBPUSD h1 leontey 130814

Some triggerpoint students were looking for a BLSH to get long, but using tflow big picture analysis, warned of a short setup instead, just a few hours before carney’s speech.

post carney:

week33 GBPUSD h1 post carney 1234 with macd divergence 170814

So here it is, various h1 timeframe 1234 + channel macd divergence that setup that will satisfy my demands for quick , high RRR with high winning %.. This type of channel macd, in the language of triggerpoint, has higher winning % and better RRR as compared to the losing trades discussed in week32.

Week32 was a horrible week, which I have disuccsed earlier. However, after very good trades in week3, I have come to see the light now: I have found a good concoction with 1234, channel macd and flying buddha to almost form my proprietary setups, which works the best for me.


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