( DNT , week34 NZDJPY h1 triggerpoint setup/1234 divergence


I am using d1 line chart to find TL resistance to the confluence.

week34 NZDJPY D1 line chart res 180814


week34 NZDJPY h1 leontey 180814

Depending on how I see this, I have two options:

1: Take into 1234 context with powerful macd divergence and enter on LOBSOW retracement to f6 downflow. Anyway it looks like a small bear flag in progress.

2: Enter on breakout of triggerpoint trigger

week34 NZDJPY h1 LOBSOW 1234 or triggerpoint 180814


Whichever way of entry, is ok so long that way is most appropriate to minimize SL pip risk and maximize lot size. More importantly is to adhere to concept of BLSH.

Tradingview Tracking


edited 230814

the short setup was awesome in the sense that price bounced right from the support area identifed. It shows that d1 line charts SAR are clearly working and I look forward to mixing them in a lethal combination.

However, I did not trade the short as price plunged early in the 1st hour of monday.
I could not get the best price, but my conviction on h1 1234 with macd divergence have increased.


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