( 1pos in progress) week36 review GBPJPY wr3b

held the discipline from week35 not to short until price reached a pincer confluence and proceeded to turn down after a d1 shooting star.

D1 EWUS planning

week36 GBPJPY D1 ewus wrmb 300814

D1 multi month resistance

week36 GBPJPY D1 wr3b 030914

the shooting star that made it happen

week36 GBPJPY D1 wr3b shooting star 070914

On monday, it was a bullish day that sped towards the f6 resistance like magnet. At the asian session of tuesday, it was already a full white daily bar by 11am. Price had overextended off the mean and hovering above the f6 res. This had given me a clue that it is unlikely that price will move above this level. Basically what I had been trying to decipher was to reverse engineer how a shooting star could be formed. I had gotten this correct, but the only real entry was when on wed
I had my first entry, after a break of wr3b.
After some series of losses in Aug, I had to rebuild my confidence and hence I am starting off with smaller position this time.


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