( -150, -200) week37 AUDUSD WR2B D1 mean reversion documentation


Several things working for this trade:

1 . WR2B pending h4 close.
2. I noticed another potential mean reversion taking place. In the morning, the news was bad so it sent price down, but in doing so the price became furthur away from the mean EMA.

On visualization , a long black day candle should be seen by afternoon.
Together with some key support confluence of TL , d1 line chart, that was a good chance to enter a long trade. IN doing so, I could be entering on the hair of a potential d1 hammer pinbar. Will monitor and see.

week37 AUDUSD D1 mean reversion 090914

edited 150914

this “mean reversion” bias failed and because of smart aleck move, i ignored the perils of previous conviction on short AUdusd only and greed for the possible small upbounce.
Punished with a massive pip loss when i refused to cut , but the lucky part was I was in micro sized positions.

Overall, 1 of the most massive loss in terms of pips count, but luckily damage was mimimzed with microlots. Still it has seriously affected the resolve in disciplined trading.

week37 AUDUSD trade outcome - 200 150914


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