(+30 , +90 , +130 , +130) week38 TP week37 entry EURGBP D1 1234 ed channel with h1 channel setup A trade

Yes! This will be the archtype of setup that I want to trade and be involved in! Trading the big picture with entries like a trader , but holding like an investor. The thinking of this trade would be my attempt in understanding what the Scotland opinion pole would mean when GBP gapped down on Monday. I was given the explanation of FA playing out via this poll. but hey , how can opinion poll be considered the final outcome when the actual voting had not been concluded yet?
Hence I saw this as a chance for price to be pumped up. on the technical charts, it just went to complete a D1 ED channel 1234 pt4. Kind of amazing, but after this episode I have developed a further insights on Fundamental , Technical and Sentimental Analysis.

D1 big picture

It all starts with this big picture view of the trend. Month to month , trend is down, but recent 2 months have seen a ranging condition, until week 37 when the referendum opinion poll pumped up prices to the optimum zone.

week37 EURGBP D1 h4t on month 100914

week37 EURGBP  h1 wr2b 1234 divergence 080914

h1 moveability Fractals concept

by 10th Sept , a channel within channel setup had occurred. I am thus now attempting to trade big pictures by using the concept of fractals.

week37 EURGBP D1 2 x WR2B  with 1234 macd divergence 100914

tracking through tradingview


trade outcome

week38 EURGBP h1 +30 +70 +130 x 2 210914


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