week38 review : Consistency coming back with tightening of h1 channel setup

This week was a much consistent week with h1 channel setup well used in most occasions

EURSGD h1 h4t 1234 macd : in progress

CADJPY h1 H4T 1234 Macd retest : +90 , +200

NZDCAD h1 H4T 1234 Macd retest : +120

EURGBP h1 fractals big picture play 1234 macd : + 30 , +&0 , +130 , +130

USDPLN h1 H4T 1234 Macd : in progress

CAC40 h1 H4T 1234 macd : in progress

NZDJPY Wr6B cut -40

Trades I missed:

EURUSD h1 H4t 1234 Macd


Progress report for Q3 2014

Fine tuning A trade

1. I feel I am close to 90% completion of finetuning my A trade criteria setup. One criteria that is important to seeing quick pips itm will be the h1 setup.

I have discovered the importance of “trading in only 1 timeframe”. I have hence chosen h1 as my timeframe, but yet the direction of big picture is equally important if I “wish to trade like a trader, hold like an investor.”

2.for big picture , I will have to re rank H4T as the best big picture to get in line with h1 setup. 2nd will be WRMB.

3.But most importantly, I have also come to see the importance of d1 line chart, using them to determine whether should I go for continuation or wash n rinse.

mean reversion/ spot the tops n bottoms

This project is still in progress after several botched trades. I believe I have got the several key ingredients nailed down, but it is how i mix them up that makes the difference.

Some concepts that I am gradually tying to introduce and apply on a robust format:

flying Buddha
Mean reversion

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