( 1 pos in progress) week39 GBPSGD potential wr3B played via 1234 macd divergence

D1 big picture
Resistance at f6 of the big downflow
I see that there is a chance for WR3B.

week39 GBPSGD D1 WR3B f6 240914

h1 moveability

there is a h1 1234 with macd divergence I feel that there is momentum to enter the trade.

week39 GBPSGD h1 1234 macd divergence 240914

edited 270914

I shorted a larger entry on lower price. This has been quite some time since I did hasty handphone trading due to being in reservist. It did not do me well. The earlier short position had been tp and now I am left with otm position.

week39 GBPSGD wr3b 1234 haste entry in ICT 270914


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