week39 NZD shorts update: +120 NZDUSD , +110 , +80 NZDCAD , +40 NZDCHF

I will be just dumping all NZD bearish trades into one post. This week is mostly about NZD shorts. Just that I din stay long enough to hold into larger profits.


week39 NZDUSD m5 SLBL leontey 240914

exited NZDUSD shorts with profits. But have I done enough in such a dominant trend?

week39 NZDUSD trade outcome +120 270914


H4T trend. No reason to short it

week39 NZDCAD H4T 240914

trade outcome. Method of entry was more improvised and did not see the standard 1234 channel playing out. In such condition, I did ok as the position was not big enough as I was planning to hit bigger if it should retrace furthur up more.

week39 NZDCAD h1 trade outcome +80, +110 270914


My original intention was that price could be pumping down for another down before the final leg up. I did TP eventually for +43 but the final result made me look like a novice.

week39 NZDCHF +40 trade outcome 270914


In all, NZD broke a key level and it is time to look for nzd bearish trend continuation.


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