( 2 pos) week40 GBPCAD Wr3B line chart R with small 1234


on d1 , i see many months of distribution coming to an end, with consecutive weeks registering lower highs, could be the start of H4T.

I am slowly coming to see the reaction of price n d1 line chart.

week40 GBPCAD D1 wr3B 1234 line chart 031014


On h1 , there is a sort of ugly h1 1234 reacting to the d1 line chart 8034. I am taking a partial position to short. I am willing to hold this small amount of risk to play out this big pattern first.

On the next better 1234 setup, I will be entering a larger position.

week40 gbpcad h1 1234 line chart reaction to line chart 031014

tracking on tradingview


edited 041014

Batman Chart Pattern

I will also like to document the “Batman Chart Pattern” , a variant of the Double Top but nevertheless a distribution pattern as well. common salient points will include:

– a flat head before the 2nd ear
-they are usually multi day bull/bear traps

week41 GBPCAD h1 leontey 051014


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