( +50 , +40) week41 EURSEK H4R Big Move 1234 WR


week charts show the high of 2013 n 2013 being flushed. A trend continuation might be in place after this flush.

week41 EURSEK w1 WR 2 x 52 weeks high 061014


from D1 chart, a big move below 13 weeks low can be seen and this is registered with a bearish expansion week. Also denoted will be several d1 line chart which acts as a SnR that traps a multi 1234.

week41 EURSEK D1 Big move over 13 weeks 061014


a multi day 1234 can be seen but more importantly the context of it is that this bear flag is stuck within the zone of the d1 SAR line chart. A decisive day close below the Support will also mean the breakage of a large D1 13TL.

Hence I consider this trade to be in line with momentum but attempting a trend reversal as of now.

week41 EURSEK h1 1234 multi day bull trap 061014

Tracking with tradingview


Edited 191014

Did well for this trade.
traded the trade setup, and exited before price reversed completely.

week42 EURSEK h1 divergence hns trade outcome 141014


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