( -50 , -80, -20) week41NZDCAD correct market direction wrong timing: Divergence is key!


Clearly, the trend of the market is down. I have picked the right direction.

week41 NZDCAD w1 H4T 061014


However market timing is equally important to complete the whole trade.

In this situation, what happened was that the channel decided to continue to build up, into a larger channel, perhaps for an even bigger downmove.

I may not be able to know that, and even in mid-week, I was thinking of these:

week41 NZDCAD h1 leontey 061014

Delusional 1234 within 1234 within 1234

It may not be the right way to understand 1234 fractals

week41 NZDCAD h1 1234 within 1234  081014

Dangers of stable H4T

week41 NZDCAD H4T 081014


Macd divergence is key to me. It is key to market timing.


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