(+35) week44 EURUSD post FOMC below line chart towards ED channel

d1 channel within channel

Started with an early week planning of EURUSD

week44 EURUSD d1 ed channel small hit big 281014


h1 showed the precision to which how playable h1 channels can setup for the right shoulder play

week44 EURUSD h1 confuence 281014

the aftermath

post FOMC it was so clear, so classic right shoulder play.

week44 EURUSD D1 line chart 301014

the post-FOMC trade

Got out with 35 pips and could have been more respectable at 50 pips.

But the crux lies in the mindset of ” what can I play today?”
I felt that in this trade I had displayed the positive essence of “what can I play today” ia this trade.
I could recognize the channel in play and I used the d1 line charts well to strvuture a resistance for a quick short trade towards the ending pt4 of a channel.

week44 EURUSD h1 post fomc below d1 line chart short +30 301014


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