( +30, +50 , +120) week45 USDZAR a satisfying trade, and the way to trade


week45 USDZAR trade outcome with superior RRR n right trend analysis 081114

Did this trade and was very satisfied with the RRR.
in recent months, due to the advent n concretiziing of D1 line chart as powerful SAR,

I have now moved on to establishing superior RRR so that each trade yields far more than what is risked, and this helps to covered over losing trades.

In this trade, I practiced reasonably good RRR of varying degrees: 1:2 , 1:4 and hypothetical RRR of 1:10 if the position had been held on.

This is the way to go. The crux lies in understanding trend , momentum and timing. In this trade, I had demonstrated my understanding of this holy tripartite with a small SL, but yet a larger RRR due to understanding of trend.

I look forward to more trades like these.

I believe firming up RRR will be my next level to move towards to.


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