( +35 , +35) week45 GBPSGD wr4b strong confluence of R with trade outcome


This is a setup with very nice big picture story. Resistance confluence shown.

week45 GBPSGD D1 triple confluence 061114


On h1 , many signs are coming in as well to play out the concept of aligning TMT up. Trend Momentum Timing.
Ideally, a right shoulder pumped up would have been the best but sadly it did not retrace to give me the prefect entry point.

week45 GBPSGD h1 macd divergence 061114

h1 trade outcome

as it looked like it was not going to retrace, I had 2 hasty entry. Since entry was hasty , exit would have to be hasty as well.

week45 GBPSGD h1 late entry trade outcome +35 but can do better to spot setup earlier 091114


i hope with advent of the MY levels, I will be able to identify the potential entry points earlier and add more value to my trading.

This trade has not ended. I will still be looking for short on rally.


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