week46 ( +3) WTi & ( +40c) Natural Gas Good trade setups like this should be traded repeatedly


Early week, was aiming for a classic S turn R setup.

week45 WTI h1 1234 with R missed 041114

week46 WTI h1 SHBL 101114

however did miss the first setup. it is not difficult to spot the trend , or the momentum. But the issue may sometimes lie with the timing to place the incisive position at the right level in order not to get stop out when using large positions.
week46 WTI h1 classic 1234 111114


Nailed the trade on the 2nd flow.

week46 WTI h1 good h4t trade using MY levels 161114

Similar success with Natural Gas. I will contribute this to following the momentum and using MY levels as a confidence booster.

When trend n momentum is strong and clear, it is only about breaking levels , AZB style. Timing will then be what separates the big positions from the small ones.

week46 Natural Gas h1 tp using my levels 161114


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