week48 (-180) EURAUD losing trades when i lose my conviction and trust others instead.

Different traders may find success in different timeframe under different conditions.

After many years, I have come to realize that it is only through my own effort that wealth creation can be possible. Putting trust into others’ opinion will only inevitably lead to eventual loss.

Last friday was a perfect demonstration of why I need to believe in only my own setup and maintain my conviction n bias in the way How i see the markets. When I have no go-to ideas especially after a string of losses, all the more I should get a grip of myself and walk away when I am “mentally weak” to make a steady decision.

EURAUD was an example of putting the trust into others and making a mess out of my account.

week48 EURAUD h1 -180 losing trade when i listened to others 061214

Once again I made the mistake of shorting into support. It is only myself that I know the best timeframe that I should be trading at. So this trade was a loss, but i do not put the blame into anyone, I only blame myself that I have veered off my aims of taking trades based on my own setups.


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