week50 positive examples of trading the “NOW” ( +170, +40 , +25) EURAUD , (+260) GBPAUD , (+$2) WTI


Big pattern completed , multi months resistance cleared. I look to be in the “NOW” by waiting for a 1234.

week49 EURAUD h1 1234 031214

week50 EURAUD h1 tp positive example of trading the now 131214

week50 EURAUD h1 tp positive example of trading the now 131214


I really like this type of trades. It is this type of trades that will proliferate a trader’s account. However what I liked most was the 1234 was nicely-placed at MY levels. Not many of these trades do come by, but when they do, grab it.

week50 GBPAUD h1 best trade ( +260) with MY levels 131214


WTI winning trade was a good example of following the momentum, and understand that trend can be dynamic and will be good to play the “NOW” in order to see immediate pips.

WTI losing trade what was not done right will be on the counter trend long. There was some basis to go long though. The cut loss could be much better and so would the entry price.

week50 WTI winning and losing trade do not fight the trend 131214


Winning pips are pips that come effortless. I need them to be effortless as I have accepted that I am impatient. Rather than bending backwards n alter my personality to suit trading, i alter my trading style to accommodate my personality. trading the NOW is what i have to do to be profitable.


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