week1 of 2015 Advent of the Enforcer Money Management EA

I began the 1st post in 2015 by elaborating on what shall be my primary focus in the 1st Quarter of 2015:

Managing my trades with the strictness seen in the period from Jun 2013 to Sep 2013.

While the account growth was not great at all, the strict money management did provide a very stable path of equity. I believe this is ultimately the solution to a stress-free trading method, and in a hedge fund setting, this is what allays fears and uncertainties from investors.

Thus the advent of the Enforcer EA, in tandem with the RRR calculator.

While I believed I have gradually taken care of the directional bias and entry side,

I will now focus and tackle the area of using mathematics to produce a sustainable equity growth and playing down the risk for each trade.

Ideally I will want to put in a hard stop for each position and Enforcer helps me to do it. But in doing this< i also incurred an issue of: if I don't put SL, how many times will

1) I get caught with a huge running SL?
2) price return to original direction after a huge floating pip loss?

If the probability of 2) is lower than 1) , then surely it makes no incentive NOT to put an SL.

IN other words, yes it is painful to get cut, but yes, I will need to follow the overall statistics that a few big SL will undermine my eventual operation.

In case of a stable and consistent hedge fund, SL is a must.

Therefore I believe, although 421478 was not an eventual success, the +ves from that period was that I adhered strictly to money management, and that was what allowed capital preservation. Looking back, better timed entries and better directional bias should tilt the difference, along with higher quantity of trades.

I am sure after the last 6 months of experience, my directional bias should have advanced to another level,

with the advent of trend, momentum and timing framework.
What is left now is to integrate all aspects together to form tighter and more synergized way of trading.


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