week1 Values that I look to hold strong in the upcoming fund

So what values should I look to have in the upcoming fund?

If i am an investor, what will I want to see?

Stable, Slow, Consistent Growth with low drawdown


Explosive growth with unstable drawdown with chances of blow-out?

What is the general mindset of the population?

Is a monthly paycheck the dominant type of conditioning in their financial psyche?

Or are they prepared to see a feast and famine type of equity growth?

After some initial surveying, this is what I have decided and perhaps better suited for personality:

Upcoming PAMM account will see

– Stable, consistent albeit slow growth

– Drawdown of max 20% balance

If actual loss reaches 20% at any one time, trading should be halted as a capital preservation method.

Target ROI will be 5% per week, 20% per month ideally.

Risk per position will be 0.5% , with pip risk capped ideally under 100 pips.

Indices might be left out at the moment, depending on the account size to see if there is a size big enough for multiple entries.

Also working towards finding the optimum balance between Risk to Reward via RRR calculator as I cannot be always risk more for less profits, unless my hit rate is so high to such an extent that I can ignore it.


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