(+90 , +82 , +52 ) USDCNH +90 USDZAR h4 many tp pos but holding power to be worked on.

Got the context of the market right, next will be holding of the trades correctly.

USDCNH h1 rd 1

Got this right, only that did not hold trade to the end.

week2 USDCNH h1 hns tp near neckline 060115

Initial fractals play

Understanding of fractals is improving. This is something that I want to work on and hope to explore it to form proprietary trading style.

week2 USDCNH h1 1234 hns within hns within 060115


Prempt of bear flag was spot on.

week2 USDCNH h1 1234 bear flag 080115

Powerful D1 line chart perspective

I find that this is a POWERFUL chart.

The combination of candlestick/linechart produced a combination of shooting star which showed rejection from an identified confluence R. It prompted me to short right even before CNY news.

week2 USDCNH D1 shooting star at d1lc key level 090115

rd2 TP of USDCNH

overall spot on for USDCNH.

week2 USDCNH early tp more to go 110115

There is definitely more room for USDCNH in the coming week.


excellent trade call, excellent timing and pretty good projection of TP.

week2 USDZAR h4 wr2b 1234 bear flag 050115

week2 USDZAR h4 wr2b 1234 line chart 080115

Initial Outcome

I am very satisfied with the entry as it had affirmed that I have demonstrated appropriate application of patterns in the fractal context. Ultimately profit comes from being part of the expansion. This will be the aim of my game in 2015.

week2 USDZAR h1 TP 110115


In week3 will be looking for trend continuation.


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