(+115) week3 USDCAD countertrend trade head and shoulders with divergence


Really like this trade. Very clinical and decisive. Very reactive.
Countertrend but the feel of the flow of price was very strong.

week3 USDCAD h1 CTT hns 150115


Uncanny take profit levels based on MYlevels. Even then as levels did not reach, ran away fast n secured bulk.

Very good trade. Improved confidence on my trading skillset.

week3 USDCAD +115 uncanny profit taking n bounce 150115

Area for Improvement

However, I will feel my trading level is up to the next level if I could sneak in on a WTI with trend short,
WTI n CAD are correlated.

bear flag though with a weird angle. R could be at psy R of 50.000 but this would have been the next level I am aiming to work towards.

Reflexive, nimble thinking.

week3 WTI h1 bearflag weird angle with divergence 150115


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