(-120, -120 , +30 -40) week3 GBPUSD right direction poor execution

I am proficient in general direction n trend now, but the part on execution is letting me down and I am recalibrating my execution tactics in order to lower my fears of holding due to poor entry levels.


Excellent analysis with phenomenal usage of MYlevels.

week3 GBPUSD h1  at R last line of defence 150115

week3 GBPUSD h1 1234 h4t divergence within divergence 160115

which was let down by overall insecurities of seeing floating loss.

week4 GBPUSD -120 x 2 - 40 +30 170115

My parting advice for myself will be to see floating loss as risk required to undertake in order to succeed. I am right until I am proven wrong with MYlevels, more so when there is Michtesting with batman or hello kitty.

Having said that I will be having a go at this chart again come week4.


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