AUDSGD h4 bullish price channel for 1234 entry, a chance to recalibrate entry tactics

Entry tactics had a been a letdown in week3 and that was the main reason for losing trades.

Trades were in general of the right direction, but let down mainly due to poorly timed entries, resulting in having to deal with more floating otm pips.

That placed a bigger strain to hold trades.

I will be using AUDSGD trade to organize a tighter and better trade entries.


I will have 2 trade entries: the

1st entry as I like it, in order just to be in the market and not miss out on a potential move.

The 2nd entry will be a tighter one where it is just nicely in on a key level.

The 3rd entry will be based on a “best price or no price” attitude.

There should be a good space of 30-40 pips between each position.

week4 AUDSGD h4 SXSY entry 180115


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