missed trade GBPNZD h1 countertrend bull flag

I shall start on the positive that at the start of the week, I had intentions to look for countertrend long.
On this aspect, i improved from previously when I would only be fixated to look for short in similar situation.

The next step for me though, would be to think hard and organize my process about how I should go about entering positions in ctt situation. From this chart, it would/might seem simpler in this case with the help of d1 SAR n macd divergence, but it was something which i did not seem on the main mt4, and could only see it in fxpro mt4.

Missed this trade as I was having failures with GBPAUD, and correlated the possibility of failure to GBPNZD as well, which did not eventually.

Initial plans

week4 GBPNZD h1 symmetry b3s4 190115

A trade that I painfully missed

even the classical signs of 1234 flags and macd divergence were present.

week4 GBPNZD h1 1234 missed trade with divergence 210115


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