(+190 , +10 BE )week5 GBPDKK A trade with H4T and multiday 1234

I want to keep on taking A trades and stake big for these trades. For these are my highest probabilities trade.

They happen when there is H4T and multiday 1234 , together with strong MYlevels capping pt4 and will be best if there is macd divergence.

Note that the high “probability” refers to ultimate move in the correct direction, but not neccessarily the duration of the trade, nor the volatility that I have to endure during the holding phase of the trade. In general, as long as price is contained within the safe zone, high probability movement shld be eventually correct.


This was a classic H4T + 1234 with strong MYlevels combi.

I repeat:

I want to hit big when I am trading H4T multiday 1234 with strong MYLEVELS

week4 GBPDKK h4t Big move 1234 220115


Power move for the next 2 days due to ECB QE announcement and double Danish rate cut.

However this just galvanized my belief in this particular type of trade.


in fact this was unprecedented double rate cut in a week. So scared, that the brokers were fearful of another CHF spike that they halted trading. However I had alrdy gotten in with my trade setup.

week5 GBPDKK +190 A trade outcome 280115


My conclusion is that after so many years of trading, I am back to where I was initially, trading H4T with multiday 1234. Eventually that was the only highest probability type of setup. I need to start to think big, scale big and focus my firepower on H4T 1234 setups.


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