(-80, +180 , +210, last big pos running) week6 GBPSGD A trade 1234 with multiday bullflag with macd divergence from Strong S from 52weeks level

This is the way trading should go for me.

My progression of thoughts

First caught my attention with this big picture.

week6 GBPSGD D1 TL flip 010215

h1 trading tactics

At first i entered on monday but was SL-ed from the WASH leg

week6 GBPSGD h1 multiday 1234 divergence 030215

the real A trade setup

it was only by Wednesday that the setup appeared and i was convinced to hit bigger this time on entry. I could not see any more consolidation as I had seen everything that I believe that the price will move in my favour.
I was happy that I hit harder in entry for the 2nd time after i was initially stopped out.
I do admit that perhaps the better way to trade will be to wait for a flush to be completed first.
week6 GBPSGD 1234 multiday ihs divergence 040215


outcome was that the inverted hns identified was indeed powerful and after close to 8 months of documentation I will say I am finally satisfied with what I deemed to be as ‘A trade’. I grow confidence with every documentation and with every successful A trade setup that we make.

It is time i revive the A trade project and redefine something

week6 GBPSGD h1 trade outcome  -80 +180 +220 080215


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