week7 GBPAUD missed trade was due to wrongful EURAUD bias ( -110 x5)

Missed this hell of a good swing at GBPAUD h4T. Reason was I was vested in Euraud shorts at the early part of week.

week7 GBPAUD h1 missed trade with h4t macd divergence flush 130215

My EURAUD mistake.
got it wrong for continuous 2 weeks.

Different issues each time, each the result of both wrongful timing and wrongful direction.

week7 EURAUD h1 my mistakes 130215

Another reason was becoming too cocky with my previous trade bias.

week7 EURAUD w1 hns big target 090215

week7 EURAUD D1 right shoulder within right shoulder 080215

Eventually this h4 hns did not materialize. My plan was to load up on bearish day expansion below the neckline. But it did not happen. Because of my hastiness in entry, I shorted into support.

week7 EURAUD h4 hns forming 090215

At the end of the day, WR n macd divergences with MYlevels are what gives me the winners. Stick to them.


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